Frequently Asked Questions
Why is my water bill so high?

Bills are calculated by the base rate plus $1.00 per thousand gallons used or you have a possible leak.

I got a leak notice in the mail but I don’t see anything.

Check your faucets, toilet any outside faucets for possible drips or running water.

Why are the potholes on my street not being filled?

Winter patch costs approximately $8000.00 for 55 tons which doesn’t go very far when you have to patch multiple holes on the same roads over and over.

Do I need a burn permit in the City limits?

Yes we have them available at City Hall and they are good for 3 days and there is no charge for them.

Why can’t you just call an officer?

The Clerk’s office does not dispatch or work for the Police Department the best way to reach an officer is call Dispatch on the non-emergency line 827-3584.

How do I file a Police report?

We have the forms available at City Hall.

Why do I see the Public Works guys always riding around together?

If they are going to the same location and or working on the same project it makes better sense to just take one vehicle.

What are the dump hours?

The dump is open on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-5

When are the water bills due and what is the billing cycle?

The bills are due by the 15th of the month. The billing cycle goes from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month.

Example: Bills are mailed out on the 25th of April the billing cycle is March 16th to April 15th and due by the 15th of May.

Late fees are applied on the 16th of May.

Do I need a permit if I am just adding a porch or a shed?

YES before you do ANY structure you need to come to City Hall and get a Compliance Permit. There are several factors that need to be reviewed before a permit is issued.

Who do I contact for Cemetery questions and information?

You can e-mail the cemetery at [email protected] or call (406)546-6425.

Please direct all questions to the e-mail or phone number above, as the Clerk’s office does not have Cemetery information.

What is the balance on my Court fines?

The City Clerk’s office does not have information on Court cases you need to contact the City Court.

Court hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-5pm. The court's phone number is 826-3515.